Discover Bulgaria
This tour presents the highlights of the Bulgarian culture and historical heritage:
the famous golden treasures of the Thracians, the unique frescos and icons of Bulgarian monasteries, picturesque Rivaval towns and wonderful landscapes.

Day 1 Arrival in Sofia. Meet and transfer to a 3- or 4-star hotel by a tour guide. Welcome drink. Overnight.

Day 2 After breakfast departure to Rila Monastery – the Holy ground for all Bulgarians. It is a symbol of their fight to keep their national identity and dignity. The monastery was established in the 30s of the 10th century by Ioan Rilski who was proclaimed saint by the church.One of the most valuable pieces inside is the iconostasis with fillgree woodcarving. Rila Monastery is the second largest on the Balkans and is included in list of world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Lunch – Taste the local specialities – bean soup, grilled troat and pancake with jam. Departure to Sandanski(90 km.) Accommodation in a 4-star hotel. Overnight.

Day 3 After breakfast a tour to Melnik – the smallest Bulgarian town with typical architecture. The famous Sand Pyramids are near-by. City tour and visit of the Rojen Monastery(12th – 13th century)situated at 6 km far from Melnik.The monastery is known for the one of the 4 miraculous icons of Virgin Mary in Bulgaria. Lunch and travel to Bansko(120 km). Small tour in old town. Accommodation in a 4-star hotel. Overnight.

Day 4 After breakfast departure to Plovdiv(160 km) – one of the oldest towns in Europe with monuments from the prehistory, Roman Empire and Bulgarian Revival Period. Sightseeing of the city including the Old quarter, the Ethnographic museum and the Roman amphitheatre. Lunch in the Old Town. Free time in the afternoon.

Day 5 Travel to Bachkovo monastery(40 km) – the second biggest monastery in Bulgaria. The monastery was founded in 1018 by Gregorius Bakyriany, a Byzantic general of Georgian origin. In the afternoon return to Plovdiv. Dinner in a cozy restaurant in the Old Town.

Day 6 Departure to Nessebar(300 km) – a beautiful town situated on a small peninsula in the Black sea. The town is unique with it’s historical heritage that goes back to the Bronze Age. Sightseeing of Old Nessebar on foot including the  Archaeological museum and some medieval churches. Lunch in a fish restaurant in the Old town. Accommodation in a 3- or a 4-star hotel in Sunny Beach(3 km). Overnight.

Day 7 After breakfast travel to Kotel and Zheravna(150 km) – small historical towns famous with more than 200 wooden houses from the period of the Bulgarian Renaissance. What is unique about these houses is there is not a single metal nail or brace in them. Lunch and departure to Kazanlak – the capital of the world known as The Valley of Roses. Accommodation in a 3-star hotel.

Day 8 Visit to the Thracian tomb that dates back to the 4th century B.C. According to expert, it is the grave of a noble Thracian. The tomb is famous with its unique frescoes painted on over 40 square metres of walls. The sightseeing tour continues with visit to the Museum of the Roses and the Ethnographic Museum. On the way to Veliko Tarnovo visit to the open-air Ethnographic museum of Etara. Lunch. Travel to Veliko Tarnovo(50 km) - cultural and historical center, capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom 12th – 14th century. Accommodation in a 4-star hotel.

Day 9 Before lunch visit to the Tzarevetz fortress with the Baldwin tower and some of the numerous museums and archaeological sites of the Holy Hill. Visit to the museum village Arbanassi – famous for its unique monumental houses from the 17th century. Lunch in a typical Bulgarian restaurant. Free time in Veliko Tarnovo. Overnight.

Day 10 Travel to the Troyan monastery (110 km) founded in 1600 and famous for the legendary miracle-working icon of Virgin Mary. Lunch and travel to Sofia (180 km). Accommodation in a 4-star hotel.

Day 11 After breakfast sightseeing tour of Sofia, features : the Alexander Nevski Cathedral and the treasures of the National Historical Museum. Farewell dinner with folklore programme.

Day 12 Transfer to Sofia Airport
Discover Bulgaria
This tour presents the highlights of the Bulgarian culture and historical heritage: the famous golden treasures of the Thracians, the unique frescos and icons of Bulgarian monasteries, picturesque Rivaval towns and wonderful landscapes.
Monastery Tour
Seculed ath the foot of the mountain or perched on the hills, but always amidst vivid scenery have been a genuine treasury of Bulgarian spirit.Fantastic mural paintings and frescoes made by the hand of familiar or unknown icon painters cover the interior of the churches.
Three Mountains
Bulgarian landscape is fascinatingly diverse-low and high mountains,valleys and meadows, beaches and bays.Enjoy the the charming of the Bulgarian towns, still preserving the atmosphere of National Revival period –a unique combination of a legendary history and and fascinating present
Daily tour Koprivshtitsa
One of the most charming small Bulgarian towns-a museum of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture.Every street and house tells about the heroic past of this ancient town.A unique collection of ethnographic treasures,Revival works of art and embroidery has also been preserved.
Daily tour Rila Monastery
The holy ground for all Bulgarians.It is a symbol of their national identity and dignity.Visitors are impressed by the the pure harmonious line of the buildings, the exquisite colonnades and arches.
Daily tour Sofia
Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with thousand of years of history and monuments from different civilizations.Sofia celebrates on September 17 , as this is the day of its patron-saints Viara(Faith), Nadezhda(Hope), Lyubov(Love) and their mother Sofia which in Greek means “wisdom”
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