Spa - Hisarya
The town of Hisarya is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the region of Plovdiv. Situated at the foot of Sredna Gora Mountain, less than 40 km away from Plovdiv, the town has been famous for its curative mineral springs even since antiquity. Its earliest history is connected with the antique stronghold of Augusta, which is an archaeological preserve, an excellent model of the antique building arts. The favourable climate, numerous archaeological monuments and natural sights in the region have made nowadays Hisarya one of the most modern curative resorts and an attractive place for a holiday and entertainment. Modern sanatoriums and prophylactic centres have been built here on the basis of 22 mineral springs at temperature from 37ºС up to 52ºС, with soft, pure, colourless and tasty, slightly mineralized curative water. Kidney diseases, diseases of the secretory system, the liver, the gall-bladder, the digestive system and the pancreas can be successfully treated here on the basis of the proven curative qualities of the mineral water. Some of the hotels in the town offer spa procedures for relaxation and pleasure, namely aromatherapy, talasotherapy, phytotherapy, classic and easter massages, musictherapy, etc. Rest and treatment are being combined here with appropriate sports and middlebrow programmes. There are good opportunities for light pedestrian passages, observing birds, wild animals and plants protected in their natural environment in the vicinity of the resort. The village of Starosel, which is famous for its Thracian tumuli, is not far from this town. There are old houses, pure traditions and rich history in the nearby hamlets. The guests of the resort can try the tasty Bulgarian cuisine, and take part in tasting home-made wines. And the lovers of hunting tourism can gratify their passion with various game in 4 shooting fields and by the pure dam lakes filled with fish, and situated not far from Hisarya.
Discover Bulgaria
This tour presents the highlights of the Bulgarian culture and historical heritage: the famous golden treasures of the Thracians, the unique frescos and icons of Bulgarian monasteries, picturesque Rivaval towns and wonderful landscapes.
Monastery Tour
Seculed ath the foot of the mountain or perched on the hills, but always amidst vivid scenery have been a genuine treasury of Bulgarian spirit.Fantastic mural paintings and frescoes made by the hand of familiar or unknown icon painters cover the interior of the churches.
Three Mountains
Bulgarian landscape is fascinatingly diverse-low and high mountains,valleys and meadows, beaches and bays.Enjoy the the charming of the Bulgarian towns, still preserving the atmosphere of National Revival period –a unique combination of a legendary history and and fascinating present
Daily tour Koprivshtitsa
One of the most charming small Bulgarian towns-a museum of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture.Every street and house tells about the heroic past of this ancient town.A unique collection of ethnographic treasures,Revival works of art and embroidery has also been preserved.
Daily tour Rila Monastery
The holy ground for all Bulgarians.It is a symbol of their national identity and dignity.Visitors are impressed by the the pure harmonious line of the buildings, the exquisite colonnades and arches.
Daily tour Sofia
Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with thousand of years of history and monuments from different civilizations.Sofia celebrates on September 17 , as this is the day of its patron-saints Viara(Faith), Nadezhda(Hope), Lyubov(Love) and their mother Sofia which in Greek means “wisdom”
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