Spa - Velingrad
Velingrad is situated in the west part of Chepinska Valley, on the borderline between the Rhodope Mountain and Rila Mountain. It is 49 кm away from Pazardzhik, 85 кm away from Plovdiv and 133 km away from Sofia. Velingrad is a balneological and a climatic resort of republican and international importance. Situated in the heart of one of the lergest thermal-aquiferous basins in our country, it is remarkable for its extremely favourable climate, many sunny days throughout the year, fresh mountain air and virgin nature. The mineral waters of Velingrad as to their quantity and quality combine at the same time the resort possibilities of the waters in Hisar, Bankya, the region of Plovdiv and Narechenski Bani. The researches on their influence on the organism show excellent healing properties affecting the bones and joints, neurological troubles and neuroses, gynaecological troubles, hypertonic trouble, renal and urological, gastric and intestinal, respiratory troubles, etc. The karst spring of “Kleptuza”, near which a modern complex for treatment and rest was built, is also situated in the vicinity of Velingrad. “Velina” Hotel Complex is one of the most attractive places here. Situated in the middle of a beautiful pine park at an altitude of 790 m,it offers natural balneoclimatic conditions for prophylaxis, rehabilitation and treatment of different diseases, as well as the following specialized programmes for healthy people: tempering, physioprophylaxis, antistress, decreasing of the body weight and body-building throughout the year. Well-marked roads and suitable railways connect the resort with a number of historical and natural sites, such as Rakitovo, Batak, Peshtera and Dospat to the west with Yundola and the alpine Olympic base “Druzhba”, which are suitable places for complete recreation and are a real challenge for all enthusistic mountaineeers
Discover Bulgaria
This tour presents the highlights of the Bulgarian culture and historical heritage: the famous golden treasures of the Thracians, the unique frescos and icons of Bulgarian monasteries, picturesque Rivaval towns and wonderful landscapes.
Monastery Tour
Seculed ath the foot of the mountain or perched on the hills, but always amidst vivid scenery have been a genuine treasury of Bulgarian spirit.Fantastic mural paintings and frescoes made by the hand of familiar or unknown icon painters cover the interior of the churches.
Three Mountains
Bulgarian landscape is fascinatingly diverse-low and high mountains,valleys and meadows, beaches and bays.Enjoy the the charming of the Bulgarian towns, still preserving the atmosphere of National Revival period –a unique combination of a legendary history and and fascinating present
Daily tour Koprivshtitsa
One of the most charming small Bulgarian towns-a museum of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture.Every street and house tells about the heroic past of this ancient town.A unique collection of ethnographic treasures,Revival works of art and embroidery has also been preserved.
Daily tour Rila Monastery
The holy ground for all Bulgarians.It is a symbol of their national identity and dignity.Visitors are impressed by the the pure harmonious line of the buildings, the exquisite colonnades and arches.
Daily tour Sofia
Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with thousand of years of history and monuments from different civilizations.Sofia celebrates on September 17 , as this is the day of its patron-saints Viara(Faith), Nadezhda(Hope), Lyubov(Love) and their mother Sofia which in Greek means “wisdom”
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