Spa - Sandanski
The town of Sandanski is situated in the hollow of Sandanski and Petrich, at the foot of Pirin Mountain. The resort is at almost equal distance from Sofia and Thessalonike, as it is an important centre along the international highway Е 79 and the railway along the road-bed of Sofia - Kulata - Thessalonike.
The town rises in tiers on the end south-west sides of Pirin Mountain, along the lower stream of Sandanska Bistritsa River. The combination of favourable nature data and the wealth of mineral springs of different thermality (there are over 80 springs at temperature of 42-81°С located in the region of the Municipality of Sandanski), low mineralization, rich chemical composition, which cure a great number of diseases and provide opportunities for bathing in the open throughout the year, have made the place suitable for the settlement of people here ever since the remote past. The first settlement was established as early as the time of the Troy War. There are records that until the 6th century it became a large city and one of the first Christian episcopal centres in Bulgaria, as it had the name of Saint Vrach ever since. In the year of 1947 the town was renamed to Sandanski.
Today, Sandanski is known as the warmest Bulgarian town where the sun shining countinues for more than 2 450 hours creating conditions for sunny and airy procedures throughout the year. The air here is extremely fresh, of low specific humidity (66%), with an average year temperature of \ +14,70oС, of light twenty-four-hour and seasonal temperature amplitudes. Winter here is open and warm, as the snow and mists are rare phenomena.
Nowadays, Sandanski is an established climatic and balneological resort of national and international significance for its unique climatic characteristics and curative qualities of the waters. It is also famous for the best natural public health station for bronchial asthma in Europe. Sanatoriums and balneological public health stations, modern hotels and SPA centres, open-air and covered pools with thermal waters, bewitching nature and crystal air, historical and natural sights, specialized programmes for ecotourism are only a part of the possibilities for complete recreation and attractive tourism offered today by the resort town.
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