About Bulgaria - Useful info
State system of Bulgaria: Parliamentary Republic

Capital: Sofia (1.2 mil. Inhabitants)

Official language: Bulgarian, alphabet – Cyrillic

Religion: Orthodox (85%), Muslim (8%), others (7%)

Time zone: GMT (London) + 2 hours, East-European time (Germany) + 1 hour

Climate: Continental to Mediterranean in the South parts of the country. Average temperatures during January vary from -2 to 2 degrees centigrade in the valleys to – 10 degrees centigrade in the mountains. Average temperatures for June vary from 19-25 degrees centigrade in the valleys to 10 degrees centigrade in the high mountains. Rainfalls are 450-600 mm in the valleys to 1300 mm in the mountains.

Relief: most diverse. Average height above sea level  470 m. Some 31.5% of the country’s territory is plain (up to 200 m above sea level), 41% are lowlands and hilly regions (from 200 to 600 m above sea level), and 27.5% are mountains (from 600 to more than 1,600 m above sea level).

Waters: rivers (main rivers are Danube, Maritsa, Mesta, Strouma, Iskar, Yantra); warm and cold mineral springs (more than 600); lakes coastal (some with curative mineral mud) and of glacial origin (in the Rila and Pirin mountains).
Plant and animal world: extremely diverse. An Act on the Protected Territories is operating in Bulgaria, aimed at the preservation of the country’s flora and fauna. It has specified the following categories in the country: a national and nature park, a reserve and a tended reserve, a natural sight, a protected locality.

Electricity: 220 V, 50 Hz

Entrance in the country: Most of the foreign citizens entering Bulgaria don’t need visa but they must carry their valid international passport. The list of the countries which citizens need visa, when entering Bulgaria, can be found at www.mfa.government.bg

Money exchange: The Bulgarian Lev is pegged to the Euro. 1 EUR = 1.955 BGN.
You may exchange money in banks and in any of the numerous exchange offices. Some of those offices are opened during the holidays. Euro-checks may be cashed on a lot of banks.

Credit cards: Most of the hotels work with VISA, Master Card or American Express.

Transportation: Roads - 37.3 thousand km.; railways - 6.5 thousand km. (65 % electrical). Sea ports – Varan and Burgas. Danube ports – Russe, Lom , Vidin, Silistra etc. International airports – Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna.

Taxi-cabs: In towns and resorts there are taxi-cabs situated in the respective taxi ranks. People can take a taxi by calling a taxi company or in the street.

Urban transport:
In towns there is urban transport: buses and mini-buses. In Sofia there are trams, trolley buses and underground. Tickets are usually bought before getting on the vehicle.

Car rental: You can rent a car from international rent-a-car companies such as AVIS, Hertz, Budget , Eurocar, etc. Many of the hotels in Bulgaria offer this service through a licensed Bulgarian rent a car companies.

Post offices and telecommunication: Working time of post offices is from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Postage stamps and postcards may be bought from the desks in the post office or from pavilions selling newspapers. There are a lot of internet-cafes from which you may talk cheap or send e-mails (most of them work 24 hours).
Local and international telephone services are covered through automatic street telephones operating with tokens and calling cards. Tokens for local calls (0.20 leva) and calling cards are available for purchase from any post office or places where newspapers are sold.

Important phones:
Dialling code for Bulgaria from abroad +359
Emergency calls : 112
Road assistance  +359 2 987 49 11
Telephone information 11800
Traffic police – car accidents +359 2/ 982 72 823, 866 50 60

Important web pages:
Airports in Bulgaria:
1. Sofia airport www.sofia-airport.bg
2. Varna airport www.varna-airport.bg
3. Bourgas airport www.bourgas-airport.com
4. Plovdiv airport www.plovdivairport.com

Република България
Republika Balgariya
Republic of Bulgaria
Flag of Bulgaria

Coat of arms
Coat of arms Bulgaria

Motto: Съединението прави силата  (Bulgarian)
"Saedinenieto pravi silata"  (transliteration)
"Unity makes strength"1

Anthem: Мила Родино  (Bulgarian)
Mila Rodino  (transliteration)
Dear Motherland
Location of  Bulgaria  (orange)
– on the European continent  (camel & white)
– in the European Union  (camel)                  [Legend]

(and largest city)
 42°41′N, 23°19′E

Official languages


Parliamentary republic


 -     Founded    681
 -     Last previously independent state2    
 -     Autonomy within the Ottoman Empire

 -     Unification with Eastern Rumelia    1885
EU accession
January 1, 2007
Discover Bulgaria
This tour presents the highlights of the Bulgarian culture and historical heritage: the famous golden treasures of the Thracians, the unique frescos and icons of Bulgarian monasteries, picturesque Rivaval towns and wonderful landscapes.
Monastery Tour
Seculed ath the foot of the mountain or perched on the hills, but always amidst vivid scenery have been a genuine treasury of Bulgarian spirit.Fantastic mural paintings and frescoes made by the hand of familiar or unknown icon painters cover the interior of the churches.
Three Mountains
Bulgarian landscape is fascinatingly diverse-low and high mountains,valleys and meadows, beaches and bays.Enjoy the the charming of the Bulgarian towns, still preserving the atmosphere of National Revival period –a unique combination of a legendary history and and fascinating present
Daily tour Koprivshtitsa
One of the most charming small Bulgarian towns-a museum of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture.Every street and house tells about the heroic past of this ancient town.A unique collection of ethnographic treasures,Revival works of art and embroidery has also been preserved.
Daily tour Rila Monastery
The holy ground for all Bulgarians.It is a symbol of their national identity and dignity.Visitors are impressed by the the pure harmonious line of the buildings, the exquisite colonnades and arches.
Daily tour Sofia
Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with thousand of years of history and monuments from different civilizations.Sofia celebrates on September 17 , as this is the day of its patron-saints Viara(Faith), Nadezhda(Hope), Lyubov(Love) and their mother Sofia which in Greek means “wisdom”
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