About Bulgaria - Landscape
A small piece of paradise on the Balkan Peninsular to the south of Lower Danube! Four seasons in the lowlands and mountains of Mizia, Thrace and Macedonia.

Bulgarian landscape is fascinatingly diverse – low, medium and high mountains, hills and plateaus, lowlands and plains, hollows and passages, valleys and meadows, bays and beaches.
Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina and the Western Rhodopes are mountains of extraordinary beauty. Their altitude is over 2900 m above sea level. The longest of all is Stara Planina which divides the country into two detached parts: northern and southern. Called also the Balkan, this mountain has given its name to the entire peninsular. Nature has moulded interesting phenomena as caves, gorges, rock pyramids.

Rivers are numerous, but not very long and deep. Coastal, riverside and mountain lakes and swamps are not big and are few in number, but some of them are preserves acknowledged worldwide. Part of the biggest natural resources of Bulgaria are the healing mineral springs scattered all over the territory of Bulgaria – over 600 natural springs, some of them being equivalent to the most famous spa and mud-treatment resorts’ waters worldwide by their composition.
Bulgaria is proud of its 3 national and 10 natural parks, which preserve the diversity, beauty and uniqueness of its natural and cultural heritage. Srebarna preserve included in Unesco list is a place of exceptional interest.

Thanks to its geographical and climatic conditions, Bulgarian land has the glory of a blessed for agriculture land since classical antiquity. Grape vine was cultivated here, it is one of the centers where vegetable-growing and fruit-growing are developed. Flora is mainly of European type. Fauna is typically European. Two of the main European highways for migratory birds cross Bulgaria – Via Pontica (along the Black Sea coast) and Via Aristotelis (along the Struma river).

The authentic Bulgarian Folkloreis unique and has no parallel anywhere in the world. The holidays, the customs, the music and the national costumes are a part of the history of this country As the nature awakened to new life, the ancient inhabitants of our lands were filled with hope for a bountiful harvest and happiness throughout the coming year.
Discover Bulgaria
This tour presents the highlights of the Bulgarian culture and historical heritage: the famous golden treasures of the Thracians, the unique frescos and icons of Bulgarian monasteries, picturesque Rivaval towns and wonderful landscapes.
Monastery Tour
Seculed ath the foot of the mountain or perched on the hills, but always amidst vivid scenery have been a genuine treasury of Bulgarian spirit.Fantastic mural paintings and frescoes made by the hand of familiar or unknown icon painters cover the interior of the churches.
Three Mountains
Bulgarian landscape is fascinatingly diverse-low and high mountains,valleys and meadows, beaches and bays.Enjoy the the charming of the Bulgarian towns, still preserving the atmosphere of National Revival period –a unique combination of a legendary history and and fascinating present
Daily tour Koprivshtitsa
One of the most charming small Bulgarian towns-a museum of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture.Every street and house tells about the heroic past of this ancient town.A unique collection of ethnographic treasures,Revival works of art and embroidery has also been preserved.
Daily tour Rila Monastery
The holy ground for all Bulgarians.It is a symbol of their national identity and dignity.Visitors are impressed by the the pure harmonious line of the buildings, the exquisite colonnades and arches.
Daily tour Sofia
Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with thousand of years of history and monuments from different civilizations.Sofia celebrates on September 17 , as this is the day of its patron-saints Viara(Faith), Nadezhda(Hope), Lyubov(Love) and their mother Sofia which in Greek means “wisdom”
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